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Server TBA
Focus: PvX
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Ascent: Infinite Realm History


Nordic Legends is a guild of experienced friends and players from a variety of backgrounds, countries and games gathered for Ascent: Infinite Realm. We are a PvX guild, but we will play on a PvP server and we will focus on PvP / PVE.

We have a secondary focus on trade and finance to support our PvP / PVE battles. Of course, we are looking for members who are interested in PvP and PvE, who are trying to create balance and order to A: IR's world. We expect our members to be active, helpful and students in the game.

Just because we focus primarily on PvP does not mean that you need to be a PvPer. We have a structure in place that facilitates both types of players. If you mainly want to stick to one or the other, we will support you, but at some point you may be asked to help with other tasks outside your path to advance the guild.







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