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Server TBA
Focus: PvX
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Nordic Legends is a community guild with mature and dedicated players, focusing on establishing their city in the X server. We strive to build an environment where members can flourish and enjoy the Ashes of Creation. As a semi-hardcore guild, we allow our members to proceed at their own pace, which is convenient for them.

Our members are everything from MMO veterans to newcomers in various games, such as Aion, ArcheAge, wow, LotRO, Neverwinter, Rift, Tera, Eso and many more. Now we have come together and prepared to deal with Ashes of Creation.

Nordic Legends is a newly formed guild, with experienced leadership and great ambition. As we eagerly prepare to land on the x server, all members can actively help shape the guild. If you are looking for a friendly guild to spend time with or if you want to contribute your talents to form the guild, then Nordic Legends will be the guild you are looking for.


Ashes Of Creation ledning

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Guildmaster VigorousQ  
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