Star Wars The Old Republic

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Server Darth Malgus
Focus: PvX
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Region: EU








Star Wars The Old Republic History

The guild in SWTOR consists of old veterans from the community who played as it went along. We have started to grow as a guild on server Darth Malgus and recruit new members as well as old ones all the time. We have end-content experiences, but our focus is to have fun and we are helped at all times.

We have a place where new players as well as old can feel welcome and feel that they belong. Our goal as a guild in every game we play is to experience as much of the content as possible - from lvl up and exploring the zones, to dungeons, end-game raid or guild pvp. Nordic Legends is a place where you can play games without stress, socialize with friends and just have fun.








Starwars Admins

Duty Name  
Guildmaster VigorousQ  
Officer Hablob  
Officer MrGlad  
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