World Warcraft Classic


Server Ten Storm
Focus: PvX
Guildpolicy: Klicka här
Region Nordic Countries








World Of Warcraft Classic History






WorldCraft Admins

Duty Name  
Guildmaster Stollen  
Officer Andvik  
Officer Grisafisa  
Officer Ghostcutter  
Officer Jageren  
Officer Oftastarg  
Officer Smokistglin  
Officer Noah  

Our journey in the WOW Classic began when a bunch from the GamingLife community started playing on server Shazzrah (PVP). But as the queues did not reduce and we finally got to queue for hours, we made the decision to move to the new server Ten Storms (PVP) There Nordic Ledgens started its journey, which became the server's largest Nordic guild.

We grew at an incredible rate and quickly became 100 members which was extremely fun. Today we have grown to 330 members where we raid what can be raided (MC, Onyxia) right now in 2 different raid groups. At the time of writing we are waiting for phase 3 where new fun raids such as BWL await! We also deal with PVP for those who enjoy it.



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